What if Easyjet and AirBnb swapped advertising styles?

What would happen if easyjet's bright summery style was swapped with airbnb's simplicity? 

Easyjet's existing ad's are fun and bright. The brand's orange color is used throughout, and they all feature text. 

Existing Easyjet ads

Airbnb's existing adverts look more grown up. They use neutral colours and feature alot less text than Easyjet's style.

Existing Airbnb ads

When Easyjet's style is applied to the Airbnb ad's it adds vibrancy and youthfulness. They become less serious and more about having a good time, which is what the Easyjet style is all about. 

Recreated Airbnb ads with Easyjet's style

Using Airbnb's style for Easyjet does the opposite, it gives a more serious, sophisticated look. It still represents family holidays but does it in a different way, seeming more calm and relaxing. 

Recreated Easyjet ads with Airbnbs style